Do's & Don't of Social Media in 2021

What? Social Media isn't just for sharing your foodie adventures and #OOTD's 

As if! Gone are the days of traditional media; newspaper ads, billboards, radio ads. They're uber expensive and totally unnecessary with social media right at our fingertips! Its all about stepping your social game up - and not just Facebook Ads, not just a cute IG post with your website but a full blown strategy, social cadence, a/b testing, and more. Are you sweating yet, cuz I'm out of breath just mentioning it! Don't worry, we've got you- We put a few of our easy, go-to-tricks, for the new-to-social-media business owner who just doesn't know where to start:


1. While we encourage, recycling content, it's important to know the 4 W's; WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY. Posting the same content on each social media platform isn't always the best strategy because each platform is directed towards a specific audience and target niche. It's that simple, break it down by who, what, where, why? 

2. STAY ENGAGED even on those Negative Nancy comments. Comment, like, engage; the point of these platforms is to create a community and leverage it. Get in there on your posts for the first 10 minutes and reply back, love it, share it, and do it again ;)

3. POST INSPIRING CONTENT if it's boring to you, its boring to them. Posting pictures that don’t mean anything to you, will absolutely not mean anything to your audience. Post things you care about, that resonates with your brand and your story. Your audience want's more than surface level images. 

4. #HASHTAG IT If you're an emerging brand and still trying to grow your audience, baby, you got to hashtag it! Do some research on other companies like your own, and see what type of hashtags they use. 

5. BE CONSISTENT Trust me, we get it, sometimes you feel redundant or it's not getting the views you like but like everything else in this world, consistency is key! Use a planning tool to get you a weekly regimented. It will pay off, trust us!

6. BUILD A COMMUNITY Get in there and get busy! Like in real life, networking can get your foot in the door where your pedigree cannot. Use that same mantra on social. Comment, support, like, engage, clap, shout, do it all! Find like-minded individuals, businesses, etc and shout it from the rooftops that you like them and you want to support them even if it's just to show a little love. It'll trickle down to you! You never know how that comment will shift someone's day or inspire others to look at yours- be genuine and have fun with it. We've made some incredible IG friends in the last 10 years. 

7. MESSY FEEDS ARE A NO NO Unless you are a well-established brand or influencer with a built-in, cult-like following, keep that feed branded, clean, & organized. Give your audience some expectations on what they'll see from you weekly. You want to keep them engaged and inspired and the easiest way is by giving them a social feed they can trust. If your Instagram feed looks messy, your brand does too.

8. DON'T NEGLECT YOUR REELS OR STORIES One of the easiest way to keep up with your feed is posting on stories and they take a fraction of the time. Reels are a huge push right now, so throw a collage of images together even if you don't have video content. Get creative!


Phew, we know that was a lot of "rules", but we promise, it will pay off. If you need a little more direction or a whole lotta direction, either way KIMIA's got you. Schedule a consultation call with us to see how our social haus can support you and your business!